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Luns, Xaneiro 5th, 2004


The Wildliza. The Wildliza, the times, the cement, The humity, the local mafia.

The plastic windows, The plastic bags, the plastic people. The mariscadas in the pubs. The people of the mariscadas. The garçons. The fuel, the no fuel, the antifuel, the poetry of the in-absence of the fuel. The rich. The poor. The extremely poor.. The people who don’t have the word poor.

The Conselleiros. The secretary of the conselleiros, The secretary of group A of the conselleiro. The lover of the conselleiro. The second woman of the conselleiro. The third Audi of the conseiro. The inexistent degree of the conselleiro. The travels of the conselleiro. The ignorance of the conselleiro. The clothing bill’s of the conselleiro.

Wildliza, my land

Agremon on 06/01/2004
Note last words of paragraphs: local mafia, word poor, and the conselleiro. Or, reorganized: the local word, poor conselleiros’s mafia.