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Psalmus, pre estrea en Ribadeo

Xoves, Setembro 2nd, 2004

Santi na cadeira e frikicola, Psalmus


Por unha vez falarei na secciòn de cine de mìn.

En realidade, de Santiago Sanjurjo e de min.

Maña estreamos, preestreamos, ou como se lle dea en chamar, a pelìcula Psalmus.

Mais detalles dela na web de Foula.

E que màis? que eu non estarei, e que agardo que todo vaia ben, e que quede alguèn a ver o final (dura màis de duas horas).


dorfun on 05/09/2004
…todo e friki…erreonce…psalmus…e o resto dos mortais, cando as poderemos ver?
mariano on 07/09/2004
http://www.enderezo.com/foula/psalmus/proxeccions_psalmus.html 😉
dorfun on 07/09/2004
xa oh! …pero ribadeo queda tan lonxe… (quiriquiri, dixo… será cabrón! ;P)
mariano on 09/09/2004
referiame a que envianse copias de balde a quen queira facer proxecciòns pùblicas…
dorfun on 11/09/2004

…pero eu non teño onde proxectala (teño un salón pequeno)… pódese enviar igual sen visos de proxección?

Lorca at Galicia, Lorca in Galician.

Xoves, Xuño 10th, 2004

Lorca en Ribadeo

Spain, Second Republic, 1932.
Lorca, Federico Garcia Lorca had a teatre group, called ” la barraca ” .
The same Lorca that at Argentine wrote some poems in Galician.
Was an element of vangard. With his company, ‘la barraca’, he wanted to give the chance to all the one of cities and village, to look and ear his plays.
One day, he arrived to Ribadeo, small town in Eastern Galician. And he come with la barraca.
Not many people talk about that, it is not easy to read about that.
Years after , he was killed., in the war. ‘Give him coffee’, laughted some men.
And some men killed him.
Years after, began the Spanish dictatorship in Spain, wich give many sad consequences to the culture of Galicia.
Now, at 2004, the council of Ribadeo is in process of reconstruction of that street wich many years ago was an scenario for Lorca.But not for him, for the gas only. – fear to talk about this-
But there are no plaques to remember la barraca.
If you go down to Ribadeo harbour, -Porcillán- you will find some plaques of politicians, famous in other times with families at Madrid, but no place to remember Lorca and his teatre, and his ‘little’ present to the people of Ribadeo.
On July, it will be a teatre contest . Not for professionals, and this remainds me the times of Lorca and the teatre for the people. A friend of me ( Santi ) and he, we are both writing a play in Galician, and I ‘m thinking about that one of the worst things that remains from the times of the dictatorship, was the local mafia and the no-thinking -or the one-thinking- .
At Ribadeo, every weeks, it’s available two or three american movies -very bad movies, not for be american, but for be absolute freak –
What happend with the teatre?, The freedom to talk, to write, to communicate, which is so dangerous ?
Who knows, remainds me the first times of Yeats, times of Castelao.
Never is late.