The hostel


The hostel.
The hostel is cold, The room is alone.
Smell to men working.
No much, only a little. So cold to smell anything.
Today is friday, normally in that kind of rooms come men to sleep from Monday to Thursday.
The room of the hostel is cold, and all the terrace is of the seventies, from times when the people had money. Yes, from the times in which people had money and they spent it in putting floor tiles in the facade of its houses.
Not now, Not at Freixeiro, not at Ferrolterra. Now the floor tiles fell on the ground.

I go to the bathroom.
Humity and more cold.
I touch the tubes of the heating
The heat is cold. No heating in winter.
I open the hot water. Is the only hot thing here. Maybe it’s a kind of hot-cold water.There’re a forgotten and pink used soap, with pink water around it.
I return to the room.
A chair of the sixties, living with a wardrove of the ninetees, probably buyed at the hipermarket, that hipermarket that grew with the economic disaster of the eighties.
I see a narrow door. A white and cheap narrow door. I open the door , and there’re a small terrace. More humity, more cold. I see the street. The buildings of three and four floors withouth elevator, the buildings with floor tiles, the swimming-pool houses, like I like to say.
The light signs of a karaoke.
Cars. Cars of the seventies. Cars of today. All of them, baroque cars like a statue of a virgin in a Galician rural church.
The museums are for the politicians, people use cars.
I return to the room.
There are a small television. very small, with a small antenna. The television is over the mirror, over a little toilet.
The plug of the television it’s wrapped by the wires. But at the ceiling there’re a low-comsuption light.
Yes, not heating , but you can use the television from the bed. Digital era in the swimming-pool house.
Pink-orange walls.
It’s Narón.

regedit on 14/01/2004
There is a littles difficulties of grammatic in our text, both yours and mine, but your style is unique. Because this is a personal opinion, I must to say that I am deeply depressed with rainbows of happiness on forward sights. I do not know why do can I feel so identifying with you, but it is the very truth. Go on, and give some many presents like this to the people. Thank you, meu.

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