who remember us? nobody Who remember us now? Who remember us now?

i understand daddy, but now,

who understand us?

more than that

fuking nobody

Fontvella with a little touch of lemon juice, like in uk

I remember daddy, who remember us?
Fucking nobody

I rememmber, he was polite , i was polite, everybody was polite

who remember daddy

No one

Maybe I’m fucking polite, who cares about it. Who says ‘fucking’ ,maybe the polititians, not me , but, who cares? Nobody

I looked for a job. For any job, any fucking job

Dirty words,,yap. I know it. I don’t like it, but it is worse, my life, at now.

Where’s your education?
I forgive it working at ZARA, same place where you go to buy all your fashinable clothing around the world
rules it? isn’t it? Where is your etic, Buying ZARA clothing? aren’t you so fashinable?

I remember daddy, and what’s the hell, who remember us?
fucking nobody.

I remember now many people, like in a psalmus

Here is not the priest, not the church, not the bishop.
Here is not the teachers, not the all the ones.

Who remember us now?

Whe’re only a little tool of they
Where’re nothing, it will be better open the window and say goodbye

who will miss us
who miss my father, in a cemetery, under a new big road?
who will remember me
nobody, nobody, nobody

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