The unemployment card


Dad, the cartoon, why today I can’t see the cartoon.
Dad say nothing. Dad arrive later ten minutes. Dad is a criminal for that. Dad don’t think so. When you have no work, Galician government give you a card. A card, telling you when you need to return to the unemployment office.
The unemployment office open between 9 a.m to 2 p.m. , but the card says clearly that you need to go between nine and eleven, and if not, you’ll lose whatever right . But Pepe was soo tired too waking up today.

Shin-Chan, the name of a cartoon of the Galician TV. Xose, little Xose four years old see the cartoon every evening, when he return from the school.
Pepe say nothing. Pepe arrive ten minutes late because he works every night at a local company, loading potato coats. But no contract, and no money, so enough to eat, not many more.
Mr. José, -says that woman at the unemployment office- we can’t guarantee your rights, because in the card put clearly that we renovate the card between nine and eleven, now its time to get attention to look for a job.
Pepe can’t go ahead for more time. Pepe say nothing, Pepe see her
Because these ten minutes, Pepe loses the money which pays the government to him, and that he uses to pay the flat.
Now , where to live?
What it will be about his little Xose. Xosiño, my dear, he lose his mother time ago , he lose his mother because she worked in a company who uses toxic products. A big-fashionable company all around the word, but which it paid nothing to her, nothing for Pepe and Xosiño. No money for Pepe, and no money for little Xosiño.
Pepe starts crying
Dadda why youth arrre criiiyingggg?
and Xosiño is crying too.
Pepe open the gas. Pepe give a big and strong hug to Xosiño.
Years ago, when Pepe have no money , He went to the sea to look for fish anything, to search for any seafood for the him and his parents.
But not now. Because thirty years and five black tides before, no free food avaliable on the Galician coast.
The gas cover the room while the cartoons of the Galician TV made stupid gags in a Castilian accent.

Catu @ on 13/01/2004
We should give Pepiño a second chance to fight for his Rights. Let him watch ShinChan and keep on fighting.

un máis, un menos, pero un on 14/01/2004
Dad, son, another world is possible: try for. For you, for me, for all. We need it.

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