censorship in a North American tv forum

chapapote na praia de As Catedrais
I never expected this.
In January, an northamerican TV chanel made a documental about the “Prestige”.
Well, was great to see it. So improvable, but great that from the United States , there’re people who are still remembering us.
But they don’t talked about the other half of the history, about the responsabilities of the spanish government.
In the website of PBS, there’re a forums area, and i send my opinion. I signed and respectfully opinion to the autors. Anyone can send their opinion.
I waited one month to it’s publication.

Still now, people remember what happened at Alaska, when the accident of the ‘Exxon Valdez’.
But what the hell is going on with us?

I can believe it. I can believe that the some people who came to Galicia to “tell the truth about the Prestige tanker” now are censuring my opinion.

The opinion of a galician.
The opinion of a galician filmaker. No official filmaker, yap, I’m not that and I don’t want that.

Ok, “you live in a free country”, If I’ll ever had the chance to finish the documental, I’ll send you a copy.

While that , I have the chance to give my opinion at biggerbrain, because this great guy wrote this:

Stopping Oil Spills with Blogs

I spent three weeks this past summer in Galicia in northern Spain. It’s where the oil tanker Prestige sank in November 2002 and befouled the entire northern coastline.

Frontline/World had a short investigative documentary on PBS recently about the ship and the massive oil spill.

Documentary reporter Mark Schapiro writes in part:

Mayor Mouzo is furious that not enough has been done to protect the Galician coast: “One hundred and fifty-two ships pass by [here] every day. Ten percent of them are bad ships, pirates. At any moment there could be another accident.”… the unregulated oil tankers keep passing.

Schapiro adds in an interview:
Here was a ship that went down, causing massive ecological devastation to the coast and the people of Galicia, and it looked like it was going to cost hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. And yet the question of who actually controlled the vessel, who was responsible for it, was very obscure.

What if environmentally oriented bloggers worldwide decided to find ways to end the obscurity. Documents could be posted ala The Smoking Gun. Each new ship registered around the world is posted. Each spill is noted. Each responsible owner’s name and affairs put on the site. Room is made for interviews with crew and captains. International companies that profit from using shabby ships get exposed.

Everyone involved in the nefarious parts of this business gets written about. Collectively, it could be a powerful force. Think how something like this could help amplify the Frontline message.

So I am going to try to contact Schapiro and see what he thinks. I also will contact a friend in Spain and see if anyone thinks this has merit. One nice quote from one Spanish official says we know about titling at windmills, we do not give up.

I think all the idea needs is someone who will champion it.

I need to say a big
Thank you
to Leonard Wittthis for his idea and support.

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