drinking sangria at Galician beaches

we are sick of being a colony

There’re many people who come to Galicia to discover our landscapes, to do the camino or to relax of their work. But not all, others came to taste sangria, spend the night talking with the boyos buyers of the luxurious yatch’s, and making fun about the rural people.

This people, will be turn their holidays in a waste of time, at least in my opinion. Why? If you do that answer, probably you’ll need to review your data about Galicia.
Maybe it’s easy if i start to talk about, for example, Ibiza. To many people from Europe, specially from UK and Germany, say ‘Ibiza’ it’s to say ‘easy and funny sex, nights to dance, days to drink’ . Yap. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but I discovered that at a times it is more strong talk about another ‘cliché’ that about all the reality.

But I’ll will say what i feel when people come here trying to discover where are the bullfights ,or telling us “how so bad-mannered you are to not talk in Spanish [Castillian]“. Were not idiots. We are not terrorist for talking in Galician.We are a peaceable and worker People. Maybe the Galician People talk in other language (galician) and have no idea about the english language, or about travel to the Seychelles, or the many adventures that you had when you was a teen. But, believe me, it’s sure that there’re good reasons to that situations.
Our culture it’s great, but the economy in Galiza it is not o.k. Is far of that. Yes, we have now modern highways,and three airports, but in many rural areas, village in where it’s difficult to survive, to finish the month, it’s hard enought to keep in mind your family, that to spend money driving along fast highways(no highway to heaven here, only outside, to Madrid) or taking an aeroplane, to where?. And only for can’t have this experiences, we aren’t idiots. We aren’t unlucky: only hard times for Galicia. I hope better times, we need it.

I know that in Galicia not all the people have the same way of life. Like in the rest of the world, in Galicia there are rich people, poor people, intelligent and idiot people. But there are many hopitalary people who never say you hello… because your hotel it’s far enough of their houses.

And at the last times tourism mean not always a better chance to the Galicians. Of course, sure that Scotland or Berlin it’s expensive, but that’s not mean that for the Galicians it’s cheaper to try buy a house of their own. And with the tourism, at many times the cost of life and the the prices grow and grow, and the properties are bought by foreigners, then there’re no way to live in their land, and sadly, Galicians still emigrate. Of course foreigners are always welcome [at least for me!], I only what to talk about the reality of here, because there not many writers with works in english language about Galicia , or Galicians.
I wish in future we can go to everywere. Not for emigration, not to conquire. To relax and learn.

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