Puri is a waitress.

Puri is a waitress.
Rich yatchs in the ria, Bit yachts near the cafeteria of the club.
Gin & tonic, Puri is working every day, and in summer every night.
Puri had a boy, Luis.
Luis died two years ago, because a very strange illness killed him.
Killed him but not to Nick’s daughter, from Birmingham, UK.
Nick’s come to la ville since three years old.
Mel -Melanie- her daughter, now six years old.
Puri give Perrier to Nick, Juice to Mel.
Puri remember her boy, small boy, cute boy, he will have the same age of Mel, both blue eyes, beautiful couple it will be.
Puri returns to the kitchen of the cafeteria, Puri is crying.
Outside, behind Mel and Nick, is Manolo, another man of the local mafia. As a member,in other times, of the council, he recive many presents, many mariscadas, a full of shit. Now manolo is the owner of many buildings and business. Local mafia.
Puri dry her tears with the tea towel, and go to the terrace, and give Manolo his dry Martini, and thinks about the no help from autonomic government, no help from the council.
No chances to Luis.
No way to survive being a galician woman.
But Puri look forward to go on.


Agremon on 22/05/2004

Real names are at the same time forbidden and neccesaries…

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