PINK POMBAS in the stock market: Brenntag and Caldas de Reis

hi folks!

today we have a nice new: Brenntag talk in it`s corporate website about Caldas de Reis.


And what these people talk about?
they say that “Due to the contaminated fire-fighting water, the nearby river has been partly contaminated with chemicals, primarily toluene. Brenntag deeply regrets the incident and – regardless of the question of responsibility – will play an active part in a possible remediation of this part of the river.”.


Sorry, the true answer it is not this, and the prize it will go to the people who are ringing now to the 902-VAI-TOMAR-POLO-CU.

The true is that Brenntat it is lying to their investors in the stock market who maybe thinks that it is enought to now that Brenntag have a lot of enviromental certifications. The rude true is that Galician people it is now soooo tired after what happened with the ecocide of the fueltanker Prestige and a summer of fire.
And now come Brenntag with his white (so white, bleaching white) papers and say that all it is OK and Bambi will come to give Toluene to the Galician boys in Christmas.

Today I feel so good because I was reading the Brenntag’s magazine, TOGETHER, and I thought, Thank Lord, and thank you Brenntag, because a month ago I even do not know who or what was Brenntag, but now, I will be like your John Waters in PINK FLAMINGOS. We will do our PINK POMBAS

oh boys, Bambi Brenntag come to the Umia not only with Toluene (“Some chemicals, principally toluene and styrene were washed into the nearby river Umia with the fire-fighting water. The extraction of drinking water has temporarily been suspended.”) , but with this: (Galician government)

1,1,1,2-Tetracloroetano HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1,1-Tricloroetano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1,2,2-Tetracloroetano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1,2-Tricloroetano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1-Dicloroetano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1-Dicloroeteno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,1-Dicloropropeno HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2,3-Tricloropropano HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2-Dibromo-3-cloropropano HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2-Dibromoetano HRGC-MS 150.0 µg/L
1,2-Diclorobenceno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2-Dicloroetano PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2-Dicloropropano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,3-Diclorobenceno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,3-Dicloropropeno HRGC-MS µg/L
1,4-Diclorobenceno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
2-Clorotolueno HRGC-MS µg/L
4-Clorotolueno HRGC-MS µg/L
Bromobenceno HRGC-MS µg/L
cis-1,2-Dicloroeteno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
cis-1,3-Dicloropropeno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Clorobenceno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Dibromometano HRGC-MS µg/L
Diclorometano PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS 710.0 µg/L
Isopropilbenceno HRGC-MS 30.0 µg/L
n-Butilbenceno HRGC-MS 70.0 µg/L
n-Propilbenceno HRGC-MS 110.0 µg/L
p-Isopropiltolueno HRGC-MS 35.0 µg/L
sec-Butilbenceno HRGC-MS 50.0 µg/L
tert-Butilbenceno HRGC-MS µg/L
Tetracloroeteno PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS 720.0 µg/L
Tetracloruro de carbono PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Trans-1,2-Dicloroeteno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Trans-1,3-Dicloropropeno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Tricloroeteno PE-BV/0012 HRGC-MS µg/L
Bromodiclorometano PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS µg/L
Bromoformo PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS µg/L
Cloroformo PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS 65.0 µg/L
Dibromoclorometano PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS µg/L
1,2,4-Trimetilbenceno PE-BV/0015 HRGC-MS 600.0 µg/L
1,3,5-Trimetilbenceno PE-BV/0105 HRGC-MS 260.0 µg/L
Benceno PE-BV/0048 HRGC-MS 30.0 µg/L
Estireno HRGC-MS 8540.0 µg/L
Etilbenceno PE-BV/0015 HRGC-MS 720.0 µg/L
m+p-Xileno PE-BV/0015 HRGC-MS 1720.0 µg/L
o-Xileno PE-BV/0015 HRGC-MS 350.0 µg/L
Tolueno PE-BV/0015 HRGC-MS 1640.0 µg/L

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