savage Galician: Wildliza is on war

Today is Monday, Wildliza is on war.
There are many empty houses, many empty flats at La Villa, but you can’t go inside, forbidden action, it will be.
They, young people, and many young people are looking for be working, but who finds a job, and you can’t begin from zero, alone, many taxes.
They can’t aim for any European help, when helps are only for the ones who have anything.
They can’t occupy a house, because then they will be a savage Galician.

You can’t work for yourself without papers -even poor people-, because then your a savage -sons of richmen don’t need to do this, daddy pays taxes-.
But young Galicians can go to a construction, and work inside without papers for the local mafia. This is legal and society will say ‘what a normal thing’.
You can’t teach without a degree, but is legal than a teacher works and maybe this teacher have no idea about how to teach. Difference is that the family of this teacher have the chances that others don’t have and sure that will never had, because savage Galician had no rights, and it says that you need to work, but you can’t.
You’re only a savage.
Empty summer houses to the major, empty summer houses to the university teacher, empty houses to the guys selling drugs at night and beds at the morning.
Today is Friday, Wildliza is on war.
Next day everybody to the new supermarket -where was the old shops- , and vodka, and whiskey, and wine, San Damian wine, or whatever is good to win the war, boyos, let’s shout at night, and get drunk and have sex, and nihilism, and what a hell, and hit the garvage, and shout, and drink, and shout more, and drink, and drink and spend the money that you don’t have in the vodka, yap, boyos owners of the pub at the night, at the day selling white fariña, al LAALALLALAL HAYLALEEEEELOOO FARIÑAAAAA SHOUT SHOUT LET’S SHOOOOUTTTTT
Today is Saturday.
Wildliza, is on war.

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