living in an eucaliptian era

We are not living in an aquarian era, we’re living at a eucaliptian era.
Cocacola co. , with many pub about their sports drinking, talking about marketing, this and that.
Not in Galicia, nor at our forest.
Galician forest , are full of eucaliptians.
At the basque country you don’t find it, at Ireland not, but…Galicia is living in an eucaliptian era.

what about the reasons?
A tipical answer, ‘money’.
But Galicia is poor , more poor that when you’re thinking about big roads cutting old mountains.
No education, no internet for many galicians, but galician forest are full of eucaliptian.
No factories to process do paper. All is for outside, and at the same time, when from Galicia people need paper, they need to look for it outside, at Italia, at other places where probably are using Galician eucaliptus.

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